Figurative Painter

Carlos Martínez León was born in Maracaibo, Venezuela on July 18th, 1984. He displayed an early love of art, drawing and painting pictures of his favorite childhood toys, the Ninja Turtles. It is of great interest that his first Ninja Turtles models, Michaelangelo, Leonardo, Donatello, and Rafael, were named after the great painters of the Italian Renaissance. These painters, who have been the focus of European study, serve as inspiration for Carlos current work.

In 2007, Carlos obtained his degree in graphic design from La Universidad del Zulia in Venezuela. He was then admitted to The Florence Academy of Art, where he studied from 2007 to 2010, where he mastered his drawing and painting techniques. In his final year of study, he worked as an assistant professor of drawing to Simona Dolci, Director of Intensive Drawing. Immediately after his graduation, he remained in Florence where he continued his training in painting under the direction of Ángel Ramiro Sánchez, a Venezuelan Realist painter and Director of Advanced Painting at The Florence Academy of Art. Said Ramiro Sanchez “I have always found that Carlos captures the essence of his subject, their humanity and soul. His fine technique and bravura are at the service of his art.”

Carlos draws his inspiration from capturing the essence of the models that are in front of him, whether they are people, spaces or objects. The objective is always to convey their emotions.

Between 2010 and 2012, Carlos led drawing and painting workshops in Madrid, Spain and in Maracaibo. He returned to his native Venezuela in 2011 to continue his pictorial process, in 2014 he moved to Miami Florida to direct the drawing program Chiaroscuro Studio of Art, where he continues to paint and prepare workshops around the world. His works are on exhibit in Venezuela, both in Maracaibo and Caracas, as well as abroad in public and private collections.

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